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My watch snagged a anchor (I live at a marina) which broke the band,the watch went in the fault.So I buy another one same make/model from WB and all is well again.Month later a diver finds the lost watch and returns it to me,now having 2, I decided to replace the band with one that I could swim/sail with and keep the other as a dress watch.Having explained this to the staff a divers velcro band and heavy duty pins where recommended and fitted.Shortly after on a hot day I dive in off the transom (30cm above the water) surfacing to find my wrist bare.Went to see WB who told me to claim through my insurance(they don't cover watches).My point is this company will not stand behind any work they perform,I was told by staff member doing the work that it was "stronger than new and would last forever".So I'm out the watch, ($500),parts and fitting,engraving and a carton of beer for the diver! On a final note the women I spoke to didn't want to know,told me head office would not help after I asked for their details and kept looking at watch I was wearing as if to say I trying to put one over them.I will be pursuing this matter to the end.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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someones elses fault of course, ahh the modern day complaint!

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #971117

are u serious ? The weakest point on any watch is usually the spring bars or "pins" as some people call them It is gone u have lost it u don't have a leg to stand on I saw this "complaint" on another website & was a little surprised at your comment of pursuing it to till the end ?

The end of what ? get over it your watch is gone & you have to take some of the blame its that simple

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